COSMIC Music Video

Nonbinary and vegan artist EL introduces the Unicorn genre with the release of their first single, COSMIC. The shimmery bop COSMIC creates a moment of joy infused with dance while illuminating members of the nonbinary and vegan existences. It is a reminder to anyone listening that we are all connected, we are all the same despite once native tongue, orientation, hue, or culture. COSMIC states that, sentient being or not, “we are love, we are the all.” 

EL is a new independent artist currently based in Los Angeles, CA. EL identifies as nonbinary and uses the pronouns they/them/theirs. They are vegan of ten plus years, a model, and an activist as well as a musician. As a victor of childhood sexual assault and domestic violence as a young adult, EL advocates for both human and non-human beings in addition to raising awareness about sexual assault and global sex trafficking. They also encourage and promote vegan choices within the fashion, beauty, and entertainment industry. EL’s lived experiences are the inspiration for their debut into the music industry where they hope to inspire fellow creatives and continue their outreach. COSMIC music and lyrics are written by EL with production assistance from creatives within the LGBTQIA+ and/or vegan communities. Release of the single COSMIC will be followed by the music video in Fall 2022.

Artist: EL

Dancers: Irmana Se, Denali Huff, Lauren Senger

Actor: Skylar Swift

Makeup Artists: Eli Malizia, Hallie Brewer, Lady Donica

Photographer: Laura McGlynn